Rapper Prince Maserati – From the streets of Miami to a Yachts with Thots

Just 1 week ago no one had ever heard of rapper “Prince Maserati”, he was just some dude who was out for a casual stroll with his homies in Miami one day in January 2021. He did not expect that his life would forever change when he had a fluke meeting with Youtube sensation, Big Daws.

Prince Maserati – One of the hottest upcoming rappers for 2021

Big Daws was out looking for a talented underground rapper who he was trying to see if it was possible to propel a casual citizen out in the streets to become a mainstream superstar and it appears that his endeavour has not at all been a disappointment. Prince Maserati quickly brought the HEAT!
Big Daws cranked out some tunes from his boombox, playing some hot freestyle beats and asked the colourful Prince Maserati to give him some freestyle bars. – This is Prince Maserati’s Instagram to follow. At present he only has 1179 followers! Watch that grow for sure!

Big Daws was impressed, rushed him off to the studio to lay down a verse, then off to a Superyacht to film the music video of their song they made together – “Yachts and Thots”

Who knows where Prince Maserait’s rap career will go to from here but he is tipped for big things. He was a big fan of Puff Daddy’s Making the Band series back over 15 years ago, and just last week he was featured in Big Daws very own version of it. See the video’s below:
This is Prince Maserati’s very own Youtube channel with not even 20 subscribers at time of posting. He is clearly keen to get to work and see what he can do next. He is popping right now, that’s for sure!

Watch the video below how the life-changing day all unfolded:

Prince Maserati certainly did not look out of place in his first time in front of a camera shooting a music video.

Everyone loved watching the young Prince’s journey from the streets of Miami to partying aboard a luxury Yacht within 24 hours, and you can bet his growing fanbase is excited for his next move!

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