Company Phrases from Mafalda Felipe Launched

What do the years matter really matters is to verify that at the end of the day the best age in life is to be alive and that was what interested Joaquín Salvador Lavado, Quino, throughout his life. He defended it through the cartoons of Mafalda.

The nonconformist girl he created in 1962 cartoonist who has died at 88, leaves behind this and other great vital lessons through reflections, funny comments and uncomfortable questions.

Like those of infants are difficult to answer. Among them, these 10 unforgettable phrases and some of his friends, with whom he debated and got exasperated. Like Felipe, who did not want to study; Susana, whose biggest dream was to be a mother; Manolito, obsessed with money, or Miguelito, a six-year-old existentialist.

In the end, how is the matter? Do you carry your life forward or does life take you forward, There should be a day in the week when the news will mislead us a bit by giving good news.

Undoubtedly, spring is the most advertising thing in life Mom, when you met dad, did you feel that the flames of passion were devouring you or did you just feel something toasted.

The people who will be doing important things while I am lying here! It does not embarrass me? Oh how! Don’t you give me? You never finish getting to know yourself, I will not stop until I get to know myself and what I really am! My God.

Instead of doing my homework, I spent my time reading comics and the worst thing is that I did not enjoy the comics knowing that I have to do my homework.

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