Coronavirus Kills About 1,300 Babies In Brazil

It’s been a year of the pandemic, there are so many people died in Brazil because of Covid-19.  However, In spite of the irresistible evidence that Covid-19 hardly affects and kills children, in Brazil estimated 1,300 babies have died from this Covid-19 virus. In Brazil, one doctor refused to test a one-year-old son of Jessika Ricarte for a Covid test, the doctor said that his symptoms do not match the Covid virus. But after two months the child died of complications from the disease.

Between February 2020 and 15 March 2021, an estimated 852 of Brazil’s children up to the age of nine died from the virus Covid-19, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Health including 518 babies under one year old died from the virus.

Dr. Marinho calculated the massive deaths by unspecified acute respiratory symptoms during the pandemic and found that there were 10 times more deaths by unexplained respiratory syndrome than in previous years. By adding these numbers, she estimates that the virus killed 2,060 children under nine years old, including 1,302 babies.

What is the reason behind this?

Experts say the massive case of Covid in Brazil is the 2nd highest number in the world. It has also increased the affected area in the babies and among the young children.

Marinho says that for children mostly the Covid diagnosis comes too late when they are already seriously affected. She also said that we have a serious problem detecting cases. Actually, there is a lack of tests for the general population and even fewer for children.

This is not because of there is little testing capacity, but also because it is easier to miss, or misdiagnose, the symptoms of children suffering from Covid-19, as the disease tends to present differently in younger people.

President of the Scientific Department of Immunisations of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics, Renato Kfouri says, the more cases we have and, as a result, the more hospitalizations, the number of deaths are massive in all age people. But at any cost, if this pandemic were controlled, this scenario could be changed.

This huge infection rate has overwhelmed Brazil’s whole health care system. There is a massive lack of oxygen supplies and a shortage of basic medicines and in many ICUs across the country, there is also a lack of beds for patients. Things are really going worse in Brazil.

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