During George Floyd protests the NYPD arrests were illegal under the N.Y law

The New York Police Department has arrested several people for violating state law during last summer’s George Floyd protests, a lawsuit was filed Wednesday, claiming officers only took tickets and released most people accused of low-level crimes.

The lawsuit, filed in the New York Supreme Court, seeks a judicial order informing the NYPD that police should be requested to issue an attendance ticket – a revised New York law must be complied with – similar to a summons – when a felony, trespass, or minor offense is a suspected crime. There are some exceptions, police have been able to arrest one person, but according to their lawyer, no one has appealed against the five plaintiffs in the case.

Plaintiffs were handcuffed, sometimes with zip-tie handcuffs; Taking on holding facilities in “overcrowded, dirty and overheated” transport vehicles; And was detained for hours in cells where “Covid-9” epidemic precautions were not taken,” the lawsuit alleges.

“The law is clear, but the NYPD still refuses to issue attendance tickets for high-level offenses, instead of prosecuting the New Yorker – the lion’s share of Krishna and Brown neighborhoods – through legal proceedings,” said Marine Bodden, lead attorney from the Special Legal Aid Unit.

To reduce the number of time people spent in police custody or prisons before the state criminal trial move aimed at bail reform, police officers in many cases had to consider whether traditionally issued “desk presence” should be issued. The ticket can orders a person to appear in court at a later date or to take a suspicious position to the system, where that person should see a judge within 24 hours.

Lawyers representing the plaintiffs, representing the plaintiffs in the Aid Society, say the law, which went into effect in early 2020, removes discretionary authority from the police and eliminates any time a person involved in a suitable crime could be in prison – even if it’s just a trip. The nearest edge when a ticket is composed. Attorneys say a ticket must be issued on site.

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