The doctors of Navalny urged him to stop his hunger strike without delay

Detained Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s doctors urged him to end his hunger strike immediately, warning that he could die otherwise.

In a statement, the five said they have been shown the results of his medical examination on April 20.

They said that “If the hunger strike continues even for a short time, unfortunately, none of us will get a chance to get treatment soon.”

Thousands of Russians rallied on Wednesday to demand the release of Navalny.

Meanwhile, Navalny’s doctors have called for an “immediate” end to the prison hunger strike in her fourth week “to save his life and health.” And a top aide said Wednesday night’s protests appeared to indicate that Russian authorities had compromised on the medical assistance that Navalny had demanded the medical help at the start of the hunger strike.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, Navalny called for “the rescue of Russia” from protesters.

The 44-year-old, a well-known critic of President Vladimir Putin, said he did not know “what was really happening” outside the prison because he only had access to a TV channel, but his lawyer came to see him on Thursday and bought him up to speed. And, I will honestly say, two feelings are spreading inside me: pride and hope.”

“People are marching in the streets. This means they all know and understand, “Navalny said.” They will not leave their future, their children, the future of their country. Yes, it will be hard and dark for a while. But Russia Historically those who are pulling Russia are doomed. There are more of us in any cases. ”

Navalny was arrested on his way back from Germany in January, where he spent five months rescuing him from a nerve agent who blamed the Kremlin – an allegation denied by Russian officials.

Shortly afterwards, a court found that politicians stationed in Germany had violated the terms of his suspended sentence on charges of embezzlement in 2014 and sentenced him to 2 and a half years in prison.

Mass street protests in support of Navalny – which authorities declared illegal – have swept through dozens of cities and towns across Russia. The largest crowds were seen in Moscow, where thousands of people descended on the city center amid heavy police presence.

Yet unlike in previous events, riot gear officials did not intervene at the rally in the Russian capital, leaving the crowd in the streets and squares for hours. According to OVD-Info, reports that more than 1,700 people have been arrested in several cities, including the capital, Moscow.

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