Presidential Elections In The USA Biden Assures Election

The close scrutiny of the elections in the United States leaves the presidency up in the air for the time being. The candidates, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, face a very close dispute in which the current president registers a favorable trend. The magnate, who prevails in Ohio, Florida and Texas, once again stirred the fear of fraud.

“They are trying to steal the election from us,” he launched from his Twitter account after midnight in Washington. Meanwhile Biden assured that he is “on the way to victory.” The battle is still open in four other key territories such as Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, where the final result will largely be decided and the needle is tipped in favor of the Republican, with the exception of the first.

Uncertainty has marked the count and the data that is being confirmed remind of what happened in 2016, when Hillary Clinton started as a favorite and her opponent was cutting the advantage. Polls pointed to a Biden lead of nearly 7% in voting intention.

President Donald Trump adds to his account the 38 electoral votes of Texas , the second state with the most weight after California, according to the projection of the AP agency.

The high turnout in this electoral cycle made the Democrats dream of winning in this State, a traditional Republican fiefdom, but whose hegemony was threatened in the 2018 legislative elections.But despite the fact that the count began favorable to the Democrats, as the hours went by it turned in favor of the Republicans.

The social network explains that the president’s message in which he accuses the “theft of the election” contains information that can be considered “potentially misleading.” Twitter defends that it is in line with its policy of civic integrity.

The Democratic candidate assures: “We are going to win this.” Biden assures in a second message that it is not up to him to declare the winner of the election nor to Trump. “It is up to the voters,” he said.

In a referendum held this Tuesday at the same time as the country’s general elections, 68% of the state’s voters have voted in favor of including a magnolia next to the slogan “In God we trust” as a symbol.

The white flower on a dark blue background with two yellow and red stripes on the sides will be the new official design. Mississippi was the only state in the country that still included the Confederate emblem, adopted in 1894.

After a vote in favor of eliminating this symbol that dates back to the Civil War, it had been without an official flag since June 30.

While Democratic candidate Joe Biden was speaking on Delaware, President Donald Trump has tweeted to hint that there is fraud in the election, without offering any evidence.

“We are going far above, but they are trying to STEAL the election from us. We will never let them do so. No votes can be cast after the polls are closed!” He wrote on his Twitter account, breaking an unusual silence of several hours in that social network.Trump also said that he will deliver a statement today.

In its attempt to combat misinformation on election day, Twitter placed a notice in the president’s message, warning that “some or all of the information” in his tweet “may be misleading.”
The president’s complaint, although unpublished, is not surprising since he and his team have been preparing the ground for months to answer the vote count, in case it was not favorable, as Pablo Guimón advanced in this article.

Biden has left accompanied by his wife, Jill Biden, and has given a brief message in which he has asked to wait for the votes to be counted. “It is not my decision, nor Donald Trump’s to say who has won, it is a decision of the Americans,” he said.

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