Alexei Navalny has announced that he will end his hunger strike

Imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny said he is ending his hunger strike after receiving medical treatment and that his doctors had warned him that continuing it would be fatal.

After this in an Instagram post on the 24th day of his hunger strike on Friday afternoon, Navalny said he would continue to seek medical attention from doctors to reduce sensory damage to his legs and arms – when the politician announced during his hunger strike that the main demand was his hunger strike.

However, he said he would refuse the food after being examined by non-prison doctors.

In his message, Navalny said, “We have made a lot of progress to the tremendous support of good people across the country and around the world.

The 44-year-old politician, who was arrested earlier this year and is serving a two and a half-year prison sentence, went on a hunger strike on March 31 to protest the authorities’ refusal to allow doctors to visit him after suffering severe back pain and instability and numbness in his legs.

Officials insisted Navalny was receiving all the medical help he needed, but Navalny said he had not received any effective treatment.

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