Covid spreading enormously as New Delhi went into lockdown over the weekend

New Delhi went into lockdown over the weekend on Saturday as India faces a fierce new coronavirus wave, with a record 234,692 families across the country demanding drug and hospital beds every day.

The latest figure is the eighth highest in the last nine days, the health ministry said.

Total cases cross about 14.5 million, second only to the United States, which reported more than 32 million infections. This is alarming!

Statistics expose that India’s death Covid-19 rose from 1,341 to 175,649.

South Asian countries are expected to have beaten the epidemic, with India more than two million new cases this month alone pushing Bangladesh and Pakistan to close.

India has lower per-capita rates compared to internationals and increases the likelihood of infected numbers – possibly driven by a brand new “double mutant” – to explore further.

After hundreds of deaths and the worst collapse of any major economy since the national lockdown a year ago, the Indian government is desperate to avoid a second stoppage.

Although the restrictions are less than last year, the hotspot is being suppressed by many states, including Maharashtra, industrial-heavy Gujarat, and IT hub Bangalore’s home state of Karnataka.

A state of India called Uttar Pradesh, home to about 240 million people, announced on Friday that all villages and towns would remain lockdown till Sunday.

Including Restaurants, malls, gyms, and spas were closed over the weekend in the capital, New Delhi, which surpassed Mumbai as the worst-hit Indian city. The Coronavirus situation is going horribly here in South Asia.

In India weddings are limited to fifty guests, a maximum of twenty people can attend the Janazah (funeral). With condition cinema theaters can open with one-third capacity.

“Don’t panic. City Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who has a population of 25 million, said all the necessary services would be available within the weekend.

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