Sarah Mcbride Became First Transgender Senator Of USA

Democrat Sarah McBride became the first transgender Senator United States A wellknown activist for the rights of the LGTB community the 30yearold policy has made history when elected by the State of Delaware

Although other transgender people have already held positions in state governments and in total more than 500 LGTB candidates compete in these elections at different levels this is the first time that a trans woman has been elected as the highest ranking official in a position in the state Senate

We did it We won the general election Thank you thank you thank you McBride wrote on his Twitter account after learning of his victory

I hope tonight shows LGBTQ children that our democracy is big enough for them too he shared with a group of supporters Tuesday night before the results were released

Different groups and organizations for sexual diversity celebrated McBrides triumph We are very proud of you tweeted the organization for the civil rights of LGTB Human Rights Campaign LGBTQ candidates have made history in this election Sarahs victory is a powerful testament to the growing influence of transgender leaders in our politics and gives hope to countless trans people who look to a better future said Annise Parker Director of the Victory Fund organization who joined in the congratulations

Many of the issues that affect us on a daytoday basis have to do with a state level being a senator gives me a great opportunity It was the right time and the right place to devote my energy and efforts to running for senator Im incredibly happy for what I did Senator McBride said in an online interview with the Victory Fund

McBride also recalled that he has suffered strong displays of hatred by the opposition in line with the offensive messages that President Trump has spread not only throughout the campaign but throughout his legislature Unfortunately the opposition was incredibly offensive and damaging the policy acknowledged

In 2016 McBride already made history within her party when she addressed the Democratic National Convention as national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign making her the first openly transgender person to speak at a major party convention in the United States

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