Crazy Tunes Music releases new ANTI MANDATE song by Lockdown Mob – Raise a Voice

Indie Record label, ‘Crazy Tunes Music’ has released their latest song, ‘Raise a Voice.’

Raise a voice is in support of the protests that have and in New Zealand, still are going on in defense of not being mandated to have a ‘useless third jab’.

Lockdown Mob is the name of the group that put out the anti-vax song, along with a Hero, a Singer from India who took part in the project and lent his voice to give the song an emotional hook.

The song has a crafty beat that was produced by their in-house beatmaker and producer. Raise a Voice rides along quite well with the accompanying Drone footage of the protests in Ottawa, Melbourne, and New Zealand.

When Crazy Tunes Music was asked if we can expect more from the label in retaliation and support of the freedom protesters in Auckland, we were told by C.E.O, Bill Morrison ‘Yes, you bet. If it doesn’t stop, we won’t stop!”

“It is crazy to think that the worlds population has over 70% of the population with supposed antibodies to Omicron, while we STILL have to continues to get boosted, by a shot that works against the old, old variant – That’s why it isn’t working. Oh yeah, for a virus we clearly don’t need any protecting against. Now you want me to rattle of a list of my friends names who are on heart medication as a result of getting the covid-19 vaccination… we could be here days. Just check out our song, and see if the message resonates with you too!”

Rapper, Cyclone (member of Crazy Tunes Records label’s group – Lockdown Mob

We will no doubt hear more from Lockdown Mob if the mandates are set to continue. Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau in Canada seem to want to fight to the death with their own citizens just to make sure their citizens get a prick, or shot, or two.

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