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Kherson is the first city in Ukraine to fall to Russia forces - Highland County Press

Kherson is the first city in Ukraine to fall to Russia forces

Forces inching towards Kyiv

On Thursday, last week, sharp at 3:30 am, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a war on Ukraine by launching a bomb explosion. Since, then the country that has a population of over 44 million people is facing trouble from air, water and sea, as forces from the Putin led nation are trying to corner them in all forms, just to take control of Kyiv, the Capital City of Ukraine.

Reports are in that after one week of invasion, the armed forces have succeeded in finally taking full control of a coastal city of Kherson in Ukraine. Plan is to conclude the battle in a couple of days after taking control of Kyiv.

Igor Kolykhayev, the Mayor of Kherson’s urged his people to act as per the orders of the Russian soldiers and stay indoors, as the city is being hit by a rain storm.

However, not all seems to be going as per the plan of Vladimir Putin, as Russian forces are receiving a strong resistance from the military of Ukraine and the normal populace.

Meanwhile, Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine gave a late night video address yesterday to the entire populace and asked them to stay strong and offer brawny resistance to the forceful invasion of the Russian soldiers.

Thus, normal populace, with some assistance from a handful of soldiers are seen barricading the roads to block the military convoy of Russia. They want the soldiers to go back and leave them in peace.

On the other hand, Moscow has been isolated from the international trade and has been blocked at the National Stock Exchanges of the two western continents i.e United States and Europe.

United Nations has issued a humble request to Kremlin and asked them to stop the battle for the better of populace at both sides.

Information is out that after 7 days of Russian assault, more than 1 million people have fled Ukraine and thousands, including children have died due to several bomb explosions that have shaken the populace at the capital city and the entire country to the core.

Bordering countries such as Poland, Romania, Hungary, Moldova and Slovakia, are seeing large influx of Ukrainians, and EU expects an influx of over 7 million people by this weekend.

In a special statement issued by France and Germany on Wednesday this week i.e March 2nd,2022 all the fleeing populace are being welcomed into EU without a Visa and will be provided food and shelter till the situation comes under control.

However, the concerning part in the Russian Ukraine war is that the Putin led nation has put its nuclear ammunition on alert as it is being cornered by all nations in all spheres with trade and economic sanctions.

Naveen Goud

I am a writer and would love to write everything that interests the world.

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