Donald Trump stepped into a criminal conspiracy for election campaign

US Congressional committee investigating the US Capitol riots 2021 has confirmed that the former President Donald Trump indulged in some criminal conspiracy to overturn the decision given by millions of American populace in December 2020 elections.

In a press statement released a few hours ago, the Committee confirmed that it has evidence to prove that Mr. Trump and members of his campaign indulged in fraudulent acts to influence the US Elections results of 2020 in favor.

As evidence clearly indicts the 46th President of United States with wrongdoings, Justice Department is going to launch a legal prosecution against Trump in the next few weeks

A legal document was filed in the Los Angeles Court early this week indicting John Eastman, a lawyer who advised Trump to invalidate elections in states that would have otherwise seen him as a clear winner.

Whereas, Eastman claims that the latest lawsuit is a kind of retaliation response to his earlier legal battle he was running with the House of Representatives Select Committee.

Committee members claim that they are ready to show evidence in the form of email correspondence that took place between Trump and Eastman in which the latter advised the former with a corrupt scheme to illegally block the counting of electoral ballot, thus blocking the transfer of presidential power to Joe Biden.

If/once proven guilty, Eastman might face a harsh penalty such as suspension for his legal license.

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