Ukraine refugees will have the right to live in EU for 3 Years

As Russia is inching forward to take control of Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, many countries like India, are urging their citizens to leave the country and take refuge in neighboring nations. Estimates are in that more than 677,000 Ukrainians have fled the country are seeking asylum in nations like Poland, Hungary and Romania.

According to an update released by UN Council, at least, 280,000 Ukrainians have taken shelter in Poland, 94K in Hungary, 40k in Moldova, 30K in Slovakia and 34k in Romania- with the count to increase more in coming weeks as tens of thousands of people are fleeing to European countries.

In a big respite given to these citizens in agony, European Union has announced that all the refugees will be allowed to live and work in the European Countries for the next three years and the decision was taken as a response to the ongoing war crisis of this century.

Currently, the decision is yet to get an approval from the member states who are thinking to add more to the grant that includes one-year stay with no legal tangles for asylum and free access to healthcare, education and housing schemes prevailing in the countries, respectively.

If at all the second round of talks between Russia and Ukraine fail and if the military conflicts continue for a month, then the status of the refugees will be extended further to 2 years.

Britain that exited European Union a few months ago is yet to react or respond on the decision. However, sources close to Boris Johnson have confirmed that he might pronounce support to the decision taken by the EU Council, but might come up with his own laws to benefit his country’s populace and the refugees.

Authorities at Brussels have received orders to allow all refugees, irrespective of their nationality, race and religion.

Will the war between Russia and Ukraine continue?

Putin has refused to use words such as war and invasion in his media updates and just wants to demilitarize his neighboring nation and take control of it. Since February 24,2022, the leader of the Russian Federation expressed his mindset frequently, saying he just wants the military to surrender and wants the populace cleansed of Nazis. He also opposed a certain section of media for causing bloodshed and argued that his soldiers were trained only to kill armed forces and not the innocent public.

But the latest developments suggest Putin wants to occupy Ukraine and thereafter split the country into two just to fulfill some political ambitions.

In coming days, if western nations try to pressurize the leader with more sanctions, then there is a high probability that Moscow could engage in a nuclear warfare that can not only spell deep trouble to its neighboring nations, but can wipe out the entire humanity, under certain circumstances.

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