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At least 50 killed in Pakistan Mosque blast - Highland County Press

At least 50 killed in Pakistan Mosque blast

While the Australian cricket team is busy touring Pakistan after 24 years, a terror attack took place in Peshawar, killing at least 50 people while they were offering prayers at a Shia mosque. The death toll has been confirmed and the law enforcement authorities estimate that the death toll might rise if the rubble is dug deep.

Highly placed sources say that the explosion took place at Kucha Risaldar Mosque in Peshawar’s old city. As it was a Friday, Jumma ka din, the mosque was reportedly filled with hundreds of worshipers offering prayers and seeking the blessings of Allah for well-being.

According to a press update released by Muhammad Eijaz Khan, the Police Chief of Peshawar, two assailants started violence at the mosque and fought with the police officer deployed for security.

It is unclear whether they were the ones who planted the bomb, as one among them, along with a bunch of other assailants, ambled into the mosque and tried to detonate an already planted bomb.

Unconfirmed sources state that the second bomb was defused on time, preventing more killings and injuries.

Ambulances were being rushed into the narrow streets where the mosque was located and the injured were reported to be hospitalized into the emergency units run by the Lady Reading Hospital.

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister, has condemned the bombing and added that all those behind the attack will face harsh punishments.

Note 1- As of now, the Australian Cricket Board hasn’t reacted to the news and is apparently looking for more developments. If at all they sense trouble or their intelligence teams suspect more terror attacks, the Aussie Cricket Board will not waste any time in calling back its touring players back to Australia.

Note 2- A majority of Muslims in Pakistan are Sunnis and a small section of them are Shias who constantly come under repeated attacks, especially after the Afghan war with Taliban, where the latter took control of the entire bordering nation of Pakistan.

Note 3- At this moment, the entire world is literally glancing at Ukraine and hoping that Russian President will end the bloodshed after peace talks. So, the latest terror bombing in Pakistan seems like an attention diversion tactic employed by some hard-core criminals having geo-political motives.

Note 4- Pakistan has been supporting Russia in its war with Ukraine and made a recent trade treaty of buying gas and other oil reserves from Moscow. It is known to the entire world that Russia, China and Pakistan have joined hands to wage war with western nations long before.

Naveen Goud

I am a writer and would love to write everything that interests the world.

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