Facebook and Twitter banned in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has imposed a ban on the usage of Facebook and Twitter in its region and added in a statement that it imposed the move to curb war-related fake news from being propelled in the media.

Roskomnadzor, the Russian Communication Regulator, issued a press statement on this note and stated that its order might also include some more tech company bans from America in a couple of days.

Readers should notify a fact over here that the ban process was started by the US company Facebook which issued a statement yesterday that it is imposing a ban on Russia Today(RT) and Sputnik in the entire European Union and the same might go with the United Kingdom in coming days.

Early today, Moscow reacted to the news harshly and said that it will not tolerate any pressure from the companies operating in the West.

“It will deprive the citizens of communicating with the dear ones and will restrict them from expressing their mind. At the same time they will have to lose access to reliable information, thus disabling them from taking a wise action,” says Nick Clegg, the President of Global Affairs at Meta, the parent company of Facebook.

For the past couple of days, the Kremlin-controlled parliament has been sincerely requesting the western media not to show any images and videos related to war as it encourages violence and will add mileage to the Yellow Media, boosting them to plant more fake reports.

After issuing repeated warnings, the Russian President passed a bill on Friday. And it criminalizes those spreading disinformation that might end them up in prison for up to 15 years and might lead to some harsh punishments such as death penalties.

The western media plead not guilty to what is being reported in/from the war zone. UK News Resource Daily Mail and other media outlets argue they are showing the reality and are not faking anything.

CNN has stopped its service broadcast in the Russian Federation and BBC and Bloomberg have asked their journos to suspend the work until further orders.

Ukraine President Zelensky

Regarding news from the war-zone, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged the NATO leaders to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine that criminalizes the action of Russian fighter jets from then on. And if NATO cannot do so, it’s a shame on the entire west.

Trade analysts suggest Russia would go through an economic crisis after the war, as the decision to wage a war with Ukraine is proving extremely costly to them, especially after the United States imposed an international trade ban on the Putin-led nation.

War Devastation at a city in Ukraine

Hope, the Russian president, is following the news and reacts to it positively with a kind heart.

Meanwhile, Russia is slowly inching forward in taking the second nuclear reactor under its control. And as a precautionary measure, four of Zaporizhzhia’s six reactors were turned off in the late hours of yesterday.

Coming to the news regarding the safe corridor, Putin seems to have finally listened to the requests made by the western leaders from the past 3 days. He has directed his army to create a humanitarian corridor for civilians to evacuate Mariupol and Volnovakha.

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