US says a big NO to Poland for offering MiG 29 Jets to Ukraine

United States President Joe Biden has disregarded the request of Poland to offer its MiGJets to support Ukraine in its war with Russia. The Pentagon’s decision came as a big surprise to the entire world, like Poland, one of the NATO allies, was playing an active role in helping Ukraine to combat the Putin-led nation. And was seeking American F-16s in return for this favor from North America.

John Kirby, the official spokesperson of the Pentagon released a media update on this note and confirmed that Poland’s proposal to deliver fighter jets to US Ramstein Air Base in Germany was rejected by the white house as it will create unnecessary chaos as the flying of jets into airspace contested by Kremlin will invite serious troubles.

To those unaware of the consequences of these developments, Germany is one of the NATO allies and if the fighter jets from Poland reach the US airbase in Germany, it will create a hostile situation for Ukraine and other parts of the west, as it will challenge the Russian President directly and can invite serious consequences such as a Nuclear war.

MIG 29 Fighter Jet

Though Kirby did not disclose all the above-stated details, he just gave an excuse that the move could lead to logistical challenges and might turn infeasible, both economically, geographically, and politically.

Ukraine welcomed the support of its neighboring nation to supply MiGJets and added in its statement that it will give a morale booster to its military, busy in reclaiming the lost territories from Russia.

But as soon as the Department of Defense of United States expressed its disharmony to the supply of 28 jets, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his displeasure and requested NATO to come up with an alternative plan as the forces on the ground were suffering a lot of trouble with the supply of food, ammunition and fuel supplies.

Practically speaking, the supply of MiG-29 fighter jets could have boosted the air power of Ukraine too many folds.

But, the decision of NATO and Poland to launch them from an airbase of the United States in Germany could have acted as a direct challenge to the Russian President and god knows the reaction he will give to such abrupt developments……because the use of nuclear power could prove devastating not only to Ukrainians but also to the entire world.

Note- As Russia Ukraine War entered the third week, trade experts predict that the current situation might lead to economic chaos across the globe. As nations will see a sharp rise in the procurement of essential commodities at the international level, thus putting a permanent dent in their GDP growth rates, respectively.

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