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Australian researchers claim sharks sleep in the sea with their eyes open - Highland County Press

Australian researchers claim sharks sleep in the sea with their eyes open

A team of researchers from New Zealand and Australia working on sleep patterns of different living beings have concluded that sharks lurking in the deep seas have a habit of taking a nap with their eyes open.

Draughtboard shark

While their prediction isn’t confirmed yet on the final scale, an update released as a biology letter confirmed that the 450 million-year-old fish could sleep and was detected under control environments by monitoring their metabolic rates and changing body postures.

Michael Kelly, the lead author of the letter and working for La Trobe University, said that the conclusion was drawn based on physiological evidence, unlike the previous studies based on behavioral patterns.

“Not that easy to lie with the physiology, whereas some misleads might be gathered, while just the behavior pattern is considered,” says Kelly.

Reports are in that researchers were studying the sleep patterns in Sharks since 2018 at a small fishing village in the northern tip of New Zealand and were coming up with different theories to date.

However, the study made on draughtboard sharks or swell sharks confined to a water chamber under a controlled environment witnessed that the munching beasts have the habit of sleeping for say 5-6 hours below water, and that was detected through their metabolism rates measured at different times like while they were swimming, wading the waters and simply lying unmoved flat on the seabed for hours.

Shark in blue waters

Scientists haven’t concluded yet on whether all shark species take a rest by sleeping or only a specific species exhibits this behavior.

Swell shark in bloated form

Note- Draughtboard sharks or swell sharks do not bite humans in the water. However, when they are threatened, they gulp water into their stomachs and swell their bodies so much that their enemy doesn’t get a chance to bite or hold them.

Naveen Goud

I am a writer and would love to write everything that interests the world.

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