The US predicts chemical or biological war by Russia in Ukraine

As Russia isn’t happy with the results of the war it launched on Ukraine almost a fortnight ago, the United States predicts the President might indulge in a chemical or biological war to bring the protesting nation to its knees.

Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary from the White House, issues a valid statement on this possibility and stated that China leaked the conspiracy theory out to the world through various tweets made on Wednesday.

Speculated stories could be a part of a campaign to plant disinformation on the web or could be true as the Vladimir Putin nation is looking for alternatives, as his soldiers are already exhausted and are facing immense hatred from the people they are visiting in claimed territories.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Along with it, the nation is also facing harsh weather under which it is facing trouble to supply water, food, and fuel to its men and their vehicles, respectively.

United States has clarified its stand that under the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Biological Weapons Convention, no nation may possess or use such weapons. And if it doesn’t oblige the international agreement, then the nation has to face harsh penalties from all corners of the world.

Ms. Jen, the press secretary, also cleared the air that the United States has established no temporary chemical weaponry unit in Ukraine to combat Russian forces. The lady added that all these false claims were being made by a certain section of media, apparently funded by Kremlin intelligence.

The Press Secretary’s claims seem to be valid as Ukraine possesses several biological research facilities in its territories that, when claimed by the Russian Military, could be controlled by the Putin-led nation thereafter.

Historically, Putin has the experience of using chemical weapons to eliminate his enemies like Alexey Navalny and the former Russian military Spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, thought to be a double agent working for UK’s military intelligence.

And as Moscow shares a great rapport with the Assad government in Syria, speculations are rife that he can use the chemical weapon usage experience of some ex-military personnel in Syria to eliminate innocent Ukrainians.

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