All Ukraine nationals in Australia to be granted a free visa extension

The Australian federal government has announced a free visa extension to all those Ukrainians who fled from their nations seeking asylum in the Scott Morrison-led country. Sources state that about 3012 visas for the Ukrainian populace who were displaced from their country because of the Russian Invasion will get an auto extension for their visas for a time of 6 months. And those coming to Australia on visitor visas will also be allowed to stay in the Australian continent for six months, from the date their 12 months visa period ends.

War Tank in Ukraine

Alex Hawke, the Immigration Minister of Australia, confirmed the news and added that they will not have a right to access employment or healthcare services in the region.

The federal government is still thinking about the rule of allowing Ukrainians to work in their region and will formalize it in the coming days, after deep consultations with elected representatives, the public, and the bureaucrats.

Meanwhile, other nations such as Canada, Ireland, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States have also allowed Ukrainians a range of temporary & permanent immigration pathways until the nation recovers from the dreaded invasion from Kremlin.

The Ukraine embassy in Canberra is also receiving several calls and applications on a large note, where over 50 former military and intelligence offers trained in different combats want to join the fight of Ukraine against the Russian federation as truck drivers, medics and soldiers, if/when necessary.

Meanwhile, Paul Fletcher, the Minister for Communication, has formally urged the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok to ban content being accessed or uploaded from Russia.

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