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Running reverse can help boost your stamina, improves posture, and keeps you fit - Highland County Press

Running reverse can help boost your stamina, improves posture, and keeps you fit

You might have tried many ways to keep fit and raise your stamina. But according to a recent study made by Pure Gym, running reverse can not only help in staying fit but also help boost your stamina, improve your posture, prove light on your knees, and strengthen the foot muscles.

Good Human Posture

It is slowly turning into a fitness trend in 2022, albeit with the catch that you look ‘daft’ by following such a trend.

Reverse running, aka running backward, is a practice of a person running backward by carefully looking at what is behind him/her. Many Trainers argue that this form of exercise is good for the heart, as it pumps blood to the heart in the right way and keeps you fit.

Backward Running

Running champs like Usain Bolt has also tried this fitness regime and are recommending it to those who are aiming to stay fit.

Reverse Running is helpful to those who are not heavy trainers or are not practicing for a sporting event. It can assist those busy in their work lives and aim for a relaxation-filled exercise that can take away the day’s stress.

Running back is not a new technique, but it was practiced thousands of years ago. Written scriptures are proof that many people in the 1600s followed the practice of walking back or running back and were impressed with the way it burnt the calories and helped them stay fit throughout the day. Plus, it also helped those prone to injuries and those in the rehabilitation model.

This exercise is also implemented in military training, where the soldiers are asked to run back up the hill to increase their stamina and strengthen their lower legs.

Some studies also suggest that by running backward, humans can confuse animals like dogs. The first impression for them on seeing our back is that we are in a mode to flee. But when we get closer to them, it makes them confused as it breaks their presumption about the space-time continuum and they go gaga about the developments.

However, the only point that will discourage us from doing so is that we look absurd and are sometimes challenging, as we can fall back and severely hurt ourselves in some situations.

Naveen Goud

I am a writer and would love to write everything that interests the world.

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