Russia uses mysterious Munition in its Ukraine warfare

Russia seems to be desperate in its ambition of conquering Ukraine and is now seen using mysterious ammunition that has baffled many of the ballistic experts across the world, especially those from American Intelligence.

Reports are in that the foot-long dart-shaped objects with orange tails are nothing but decoys to trick missile tracking radars and heat-seeking missiles.

Putin’s army is using such decoys to wade through the captured town of Kyiv and avoid any ambushing missiles and landmines.

Decoys are nothing but sophisticated driven devices that produce radio signals emitted by the enemy’s radars to track down missiles. They also act as a heat source to attract other missiles and are often placed at remote places to avoid any causalities and physical damage to movable and immovable properties.

Factually, the photos of such mysterious weapons were doing rounds from the past few days, and military experts thought the decoys were actually mysterious weapons meant to launch chemical or biological warfare.

John Ismay, a US Navy Veteran qualified in explosive disposal, says that such devices act as penetration aids as they divert the focus of the enemy radars and drones and help tanks and army vehicles bypass anti-missile systems.

Jeffrey Lewis, a professor from Middlebury Institute of International Studies in California, called the munition discovery a boon to the west. As they could discover the secret weapons in Russian artillery and could dissect its invention to know the whereabouts of the Russian military strengths.

Usually, countries like China and Britain use such weaponry as countermeasures for their enemy’s defense tactics and if such information gets compromised, it can add to the strength of the opposition as they will analyze the decoy and will try to annihilate it before the occurrence of any damage.

Lewis is also puzzled that the Russian Federation has used such decoys distribution through their Iskander Missiles within just 20 days of the war. As leaders of developed nations use such technology only when their physical strength has turned plain or when their enemy is retaliating strongly.


Coming to the latest developments in the Russian Ukraine war, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has issued a statement that he intends to compromise outside NATO and is ready for a direct talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin. And Kremlin responded to this on a positive note and hoped that the talks will lead to peace.

From the past few hours, Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine is seen buzzing with bomb blasts, and the civilians are being evacuated to the Russian city of Rostov, and those not interested to go the Putin-led nation are being given an option of taking shelter in Belarus.

Around 73 buses capable of carrying 40-50 passengers at a time have been deployed for the evacuation operation and over 3000 people are expected to be evacuated by the end of this day through a special evacuation corridor.

Pierre Zakrzewski

Unfortunately, several reporters assigned with the duty to cover the war situation from all corners of the world are losing their valuable lives when on duty. And the recent tragic death of Fox News Cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski to the Russian bomb in Horenka stands as the best example to prove.

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