Now Poo transplants can treat Bipolar disorders says study

A recent study made on two Australians, which could be the first in the world, has found that bipolar disorder disease can be treated by transplanting Poo from a healthy patient into the stomach of the suffering patient. The Faecal Microbiota Transplantation has led to the cure of the disease in both patients suffering from depression and are now medicine free.

Feacal sample

All these days, we have seen people being treated for bipolar with different medications that could involve some painful stuff, depending on the stage he/she is suffering from.

Similarly, we have also seen poo transplantation techniques in treating body-functioning disorders that reached the level of attaining success to a certain extent, though.

Probably this might be the first that we are hearing or reading about human poo useful to treat Bipolar.

Bipolar is a mental state where people suffer from mood swings, anxiety, breathlessness, sleeping disorders, and regular bouts of depression. In most cases, lifestyle changes, keeping the mind busy, and some medications are used to treat such issues. But it works only in some patients, while the rest go for anti-psychotic pills, that are driven by some intense side effects such as weight gain, extreme drowsiness, and such.

What is the latest Poo Treatment led to?

In the year 2020, a doctor named Russel Hinton, basically a psychiatrist, treating a woman for bipolar for doing a poo transplant. The healthy poo, initially screened for any diseases, was transplanted into the gut of the woman patient and within a couple of weeks, she was depression free, and that too with no side effects. She also got rid of the weight of 33 kilograms she gained from the previous medication and became absolutely healthy.

Based on the idea, a professor named Gordon Parker from the University of New South Wales treated a second patient, and this time, he was a youngster suffering from Bipolar as a teenager and tried many therapies and medications, yielding zero results.

After the poo transplant, the patient became perfect and stopped complaining about mood swings and anxiety. His body functioning was normal, and his struggle with obesity ended.

Does our Poo have the ability to treat medical disorders?

Well, yes, says research carried out so far. As trillions of good bacteria live in our gut, the poo from a healthy man/woman can be transplanted and can treat bodily disorders such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Feacal Poo Sample in Capules

In some countries like the United States, poo capsules are being prescribed to people having HIV, hepatitis, ulcerative colitis, and some conditions related to the liver.

So, can everyone try this treatment at home?

Never say studies as it must be done in patients under strict medical supervision and the poo donor should be screened for any diseases, viruses, fungi, parasites, and dreadful bacteria, as it can invite more trouble, otherwise.

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