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IQoro to be prescribed by GPs across UK to treat Hiatus Hernia - Highland County Press

IQoro to be prescribed by GPs across UK to treat Hiatus Hernia

Ever experienced acid reflux while sleeping or heartburn after having a heavy lunch or dinner? Your general practitioner (GP) would have prescribed you medicine like an antacid to balance your stomach’s digestive enzymes or to get rid of the heartburn.

But here comes IQoro, a neuro-muscular training device that will now use your body’s own immune system to set things right. It is actually a device that helps strengthen the muscles of the mouth and helps get rid of sleep apnea, thick & frothy phlegm, a lump in the throat, snoring, reflux, heartburn, and swallowing difficulties(symptoms of Hiatus Hernia) naturally.

By using the IQoro device for 90 seconds on a daily note, one can strengthen around 148 muscles in the body and become symptom-free naturally with no medication.

IQora Treatment to be prescribed across UK by GPs

So, from May 1st,2022, the GPs across the UK may prescribe the device for medical use across the United Kingdom, provided the treatment fits the patient’s condition perfectly.

Money-back guarantee for IQora

As a promotional Quo, if the patient isn’t satisfied with the usage of IQora 90 minutes daily training after 6 months, they can get their money back. However, the money-back guarantee is only offered after the patient answers a digital questionnaire, after which they will receive instructions on how they can return the product.

Can you give back the IQora device after 6 months of being symptom-free

Obviously, there is no such business promotional offer of returning the device, because the patient has become symptom-free after 6 months of usage. Also, it is unwise to stop training after a decrease in symptoms or permanent withdrawal of them sometimes. Best is to continue indulging in CE Marked, Class 1 IQoro medical device sessions once in the morning and evening to maintain an excellent result.

More Information about IQora Usage

For any doubts in training, a manual is being provided with the product for reference. The user can contact customer care via email, chat, or telephone and can also share and receive training tips via Facebook.

The product manual is available in Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and German languages and so it cuts down language barriers related to understanding issues with the usage of the £145 priced device.

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I am a writer and would love to write everything that interests the world.

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