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Unvaccinated can travel overseas from Australia as travel ban lifted - Highland County Press

Unvaccinated can travel overseas from Australia as travel ban lifted

From the early hours of April 18th,2022, all those who are unvaccinated will be allowed to leave Australia with no travel exemptions or restrictions. However, it is better to go as per a scheduled plan rather than to rush and create unnecessary chaos for oneself and others.

The government of New Zealand has also announced that all Australians, permanent residents and unvaccinated can enter their country, provided they took an RT-PCR test and tested negative for Covid-19. However, the report taken within 72 hours of departure is taken into consideration by the travel authorities at the local and international levels.

Now, all those unvaccinated who are arriving in Australian airports from abroad must self-test for a Corona Virus, and go through a quarantine or self-isolation period, if the report comes positive for the virus.

However, health experts predict a surge in virus infection cases as people did not comply with any Covid protocols during last week’s long Easter weekend celebrations.

Dr. Paul Griffin, an infectious disease professor from the University of Queensland, said many people ignored Covid tests. They feared that the test result positivity would interfere with their holiday plans and disappoint their near and dear ones from meeting them after a long break.

Such laxity towards infection spread could backfire as it can witness a surge in COVID-19 infections that could cause another lockdown.

Authorities at the Adelaide Oval say that people returning from other states and countries are no more required to show a full vaccination certificate at any transit venue. However, they are being requested to wear masks, and follow social distancing to avoid trouble.

Meanwhile, a report released on COVID Vaccination Status by South Australia Health(SAH) Authorities states that those un-vaccinated are three times more likely to die from the virus than those who have had 3-to 4 doses.

SAH has concluded based on the correlated data it has compiled with the death rates among those who tested positive, and on the vaccination count, they had.

Interestingly, released statistics also support the above-stated theory as with those who haven’t taken a vaccine, there is a death rate of 159.7 in every 100,000 cases. Whereas, the death rate is only 50 for every 100,000 cases with those who have been given 3 or 4 doses.

Coming to people who have received a single and double jab, the respective figures show that the death rate among these is 105.85 and 114.61, respectively.

This means that even those who have received a single or a double jab are not safe against the virus and its mutations and should not avoid going for a 3rd or a 4th dose.

Some vaccine makers claim that the vaccine shows its effect till 6-8 months. And UK’s AstraZeneca released the first COVID-19 Vaccine to the world claims that those who took a double dose of the jab can stay protected from getting infected for 200-240 days.

Remember, the individual must keep a track of his/her jab count, follow social distancing norms, wear a mask and use a sanitizer wherever/whenever it is necessary, say at public gatherings.

Government can only preach about these safety norms, see that the jab count is intact across the state and monitor the entire process of vaccine giving mechanism.

Thus, an individual’s health is in his/her hand.

NOTE- Corona Virus prevention vaccine doesn’t show any side effects on anyone, except a few, who already have a pre-diagnosed disease/s like those related to kidney, heart, and brain-related health ailments. So, please do not ignore the jab and invite trouble!

Naveen Goud

I am a writer and would love to write everything that interests the world.

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