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The federal government refuses to fund $40m: Wellcamp Entertainment Precinct on ice - Highland County Press

The federal government refuses to fund $40m: Wellcamp Entertainment Precinct on ice

The multimillion dollars mega-project proposed by Toowoomba billionaires the Wagners is on the verge of collapse after the federal government refused to stand up to a large chunk of funding.

A 1000-bed segregation system at the privately-owned Wellcamp Airport near Tuombar – after a prime minister hinted at setting Australians home on top of the card – raised questions about the “value” of another Wagner Group proposal from an official source.

Wagner’s proposed $175 million Wellcamp Entertainment Precinct (WEP) project includes a world-class driver training center and 40,000 people serving art venues already pledged 40m in temporary funding from the state government in October last year.

It’s understood the state government’s funding commitment was incumbent on the Commonwealth fronting up $40m, meaning the project is back to being solely funded by the Wagner Group which put forward $95m.

John Wagner, the co-founder of the Wagner Group, who did not receive a letter yet from the federal government on Sunday, said the project would not go ahead without government funding from both levels.

Mr. Wagner said the agency had told the federal government that the money did not need to come from the budget or funds and could be factored into advance estimates.

He said the project if funded, would create 350 to 400 important jobs in the post-coronavirus economy.

Asked if future budget funding had been denied, a spokesman for Mr. McCormack said the government was “investing heavily” in regional development and was “always open” to discuss the idea of ​​”continuing this strong agenda”.

The federal government has not individually rejected or accepted the proposal and has repeatedly said that more information is needed from the Queensland government, especially on how much it will cost.

Mr. Wagner declined to comment on the progress of the facility.

The federal government has already provided funding for a quarantine facility for returning Australians similar to the one proposed at Wellcamp.

Darwin’s Howard Springs quarantine facility is set to deliver food to up to 2000 repatriated Australians every fortnight until the end of May, with the federal government putting $ 513.5 million on the table.

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