The federal government will provide funds for the 2032 Olympics: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has assured.

 Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has guaranteed that the federal government will cover half the cost of the 2032 Olympics, should Brisbane be confirmed as the host of the Games.

The promise was made in a letter from Mr. Morrison to Queensland Premier Anastacia Palaszczuk with the Premier on Monday afternoon.

Ms. Palaszczuk welcomed the funding pledge, saying the 50-50 funding deal for the Games infrastructure had made the Brisbane bid even more attractive.

She said that “That’s what I wanted from the prime minister.” “This is really a great news for Queensland.”

Ms. Palaszczuk said Queensland had agreed to form a new Olympic infrastructure body, to be run jointly by the state and federal governments, which would assess all space and infrastructure costs.

She said that “I always say we do the best we can when we work together. It proves it.”

Mr. Morrison said his proposal to jointly sign a critical infrastructure financing agreement was subject to a 50-50 percent partnership model, with full oversight of all projects, starting from the planning, scoping, and design stages through contracting, construction and supply.

“We have always believed in the possibility of the 2032 Olympic Games for Queensland and Australia and it is important that we keep up the pace to win this bid,” he said.

The federal government will provide a Ten-million dollar guarantee to bring Brisbane closer to hosting the 2032 Olympics and Paralympics, as well as other signs of 2032 Olympic security, visa assistance, and taxes.

The federal government has asked Fairfax MP Ted O’Brien and Sports Minister Richard Colby to include the two in the three-official Olympic bid team, which the state government has indicated it will accept.

The protection bill from the federal government for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast was 34 million. The Queensland government has separately recommended a new counter-terrorism unit and 30 specialist police officers for 46.7 million.

Representatives of Mr. Morrison and Mr. O’Brien, a Sunshine Coast federal MP, in a three-government task force to guide Bid, said the federal government would provide security guarantees by Tuesday.

Mr. O’Brien said that “I am ultimately confident that the necessary guarantees from the federal government will be ensured.”

The IOC has not made a final decision about hosting 2032, but Brisbane remains the preferred city.

The federal government has provided 10 million to prepare the bid.

Cybersecurity was expected to be a major expense for the 2032 Olympics.

An official source said that cyber-security is going to be a “huge deal” in the 2032 Games.

Mrs. Palaszczuk announced last week that the Gabba would be renovated as the main stadium for the 2032 Games at a cost of about $1 billion.

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