Battle Of Florida Ends In The Favor Of Donald Trump

Florida one of the key states in the running where both candidates have fought one of the great battles of the campaign has opted in favor of Donald Trump This territory consolidates its support for the Republican with an even greater advantage than the one it achieved four years ago everything indicates that the difference will be greater than four points

One of the toughest fights for the presidency of the United States has been fought these weeks precisely in this state 1400 kilometers from Washington in the home of the most thriving Hispanic population in the country destination of a good part of the retirees magnet for tourism with its cruises and amusement parks headquarters of the music industry that looks towards Latin America and where the president has his residence in the Maralago complex

Electoral attention turned to Florida to try to attract Hispanic voters In 2016 Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in that square by the minimum 1 of the votes 113000 ballots

Candidates accumulate hundreds of miles in trips almost weekly to this state and the campaigns have opened the wallet to make the largest advertising expense about 127 million dollars in the entire country The undecided were a target but also those who can switch sides

The profile of voters in Florida has leaned in recent decades on the Republican side a Democratic governor has not been elected since 1994 At the same time the southeast of the peninsula as well as large urban centers such as Orlando and Tampa which have consistently voted for the Democratic Party candidates have also done so this time with an advantage of 23 and 7 points for the party of Biden

At the gates of the mythical Versailles cafe in Miami the quintessential Cuban meeting place Tuesday night has been a party since before knowing the results

Dozens of Trump supporters have danced to the rhythm of the salsa anthem that called for the vote for the Republican and that has sounded tirelessly in every corner of the city during the last weeks of the campaign The hard core of antiCastroism shouted Viva Cuba libre Long live Trump as if the reelection of the president and the future of the island went hand in hand

The effective disinformation campaign of Donald Trump to mobilize the Cuban vote has curdled in the streets of Miami these days in the lines of the voting centers at family dinners and in disputes between neighbors

America will never be a socialist country have insisted Trump and his fellow vice presidential candidate Mike Pence at any campaign event in Florida The association with the communism of his adversary Democrat Joe Biden and the Republican vote as the true act of patriotism were the loudest arguments in this state with almost a million Cubans and some 75000 Venezuelans entitled to vote and with a similar tendency to antiChavismo

If we have Florida we have it all Trump noted at his last rally Sunday night The dispute of the State became the main objective of both campaigns in the final stretch of the elections

The two candidates have visited the State every week in the last month the president held a rally on Sunday bypassing the curfew that the city of Miami imposed at 12 oclock at night and Barack Obama asked to vote for Biden also in this city just one day before the elections Mobilizing the Hispanic and African American vote in the south of the state was a priority until a few hours before election day

Dozens of Cuban and Venezuelan exiles continued to party until almost midnight at this restaurant located in the heart of Miamis Little Havana Leticia Montero a 37yearold from Holguín Cuba who arrived in Miami 20 years ago waves a flag with the Republicans name to every car that crosses Calle Ocho with honks

He has been one of the few presidents who delivered what he promised It has been effective in the economy and for us Cubans it has taken measures against the dictatorship and that has won our support he tells this newspaper On whether the increase in restrictions on the island which has suffocated its economy even more in recent years he opines Cubans have nothing more to lose the people no longer have anything Hes already suffocated he concludes

A few meters away one of the youngest excombatants from the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion Cuba Carlos Hernández 80 proudly shows his ring with the 2506 Brigade insignia I feel very good This one is a good president and do you know why Because he is not a politician he is a business man he says Trump met with members of the brigade in July in the middle of his campaign to reinforce the antiCastro vote that this Tuesday has given him historic support with 95 scrutinized

Miami is one of the few corners in the United States where Trump has made himself strong in the streets something unprecedented for this city too In his name people dance and toast with Cuban coffee organize street caravans and flotillas of private yachts

And the county to which the city belongs Miami Dade has noticed its progress while Hillary Clinton achieved an advantage in that area of 30 points in 2016 Biden has only obtained 7 points more than her rival Also a historic fall in a traditionally Democratic county

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