A man has been charged for stalking two teen girls as they left a movie

The two teenage girls have chased down an empty street after leaving a movie – before the police find the culprit hiding in a creek.

One man has been charged with allegedly following two teenage girls from a movie before taking them to the streets.

The two 13-year-olds had left a movie in the Shelharborough in the New South Wales Illawarra area around 11 pm last night when they noticed the man chasing them.

The horror story ended when the girls ran to call a police station.

With the help of a sniffer dog, in a short time, the officers were able to find the man hiding in a cage nearby.

However, the girls were not physically harmed or touched during the incident.

Shortly afterward, New South Wales police found a 37-year-old man in a creek and arrested him.

Officers found marijuana and bank cards with different names on him.

He was taken to Lake Illawarra police station and two persons who wanted to inflict bodily harm were charged with lathi charge/intimidation, possession of prohibited drugs, and possession of personal theft.

The man from Oak Flat was denied bail to appear in Wollongong local court today.

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