Video footage shows that US Police mocking & hurting the senior citizen Dementia

Footage released by the lawyer said U.S. police officers were seen mocking the 73-year-old Dementia Sufferer while watching a video of him “popping” on his shoulder during a forced arrest, according to footage released by her lawyer.

Karen Garner was arrested on June 2 last year after she left a Walmart in Colorado without paying for the $13 item. Her elbow was broken and her shoulder was severed, her attorney said.

The Loveland Police Department has launched an investigation into the arrest.

Footage released from the police station’s booking area on Monday, the day of the arrest, showed officers punching each other while reviewing body camera video of the incident.

Her lawyer said video from inside Mrs. Garner nearby the holding cell showed the frail-looking grandmother handcuffed on a bench while officers joked about the incident.

“Ready for pop? Listen to pop?” An officer said at one point, referring to MS Garner’s shoulder.

As they continue to see such footage, the same official said: “I like it.

Garner’s family has hired a sound engineer to enhance the audio of the officers’ comments.

Their lawyers have filed a federal lawsuit against the department, alleging that officials violated Americans’ Disability Act and “violently assaulted” Ms. Garner.

Attorney Sarah Schielke said her client walked six hours without medical assistance and cried in agony after the arrest, which was an incident of “torture.”

They failed Karen Garner, “Ms. Schielke said in a press release.” They failed the community. And they did it on camera. “

Loveland police said in a statement Monday that they would not comment on the outcome of the “criminal investigation” launched last week.

Larimar County District Attorney Ms. Garner is investigating the use of force by the department at the time of her arrest.

Loveland Police Chief Robert Ticker has promised full transparency in the investigation, which will be led by Fort Collins police.

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