Delgado Has Put The Anticorruption Prosecutor Under Suspicion

The decree signed this Tuesday by the State Attorney General to leave the new investigation into Juan Carlos I in the hands of the Supreme Court Prosecutors Office is not the only order issued in the last week by Dolores Delgado on the proceedings that affect the king emeritus

Last Thursday five days before transferring the investigations to the high court Delgado sent the case file to the Tax Inspection to investigate an alleged leak of information This investigation according to tax sources will focus on knowing if there has been a data leak from the public prosecutors office

The digital elDiarioes forward yesterday research on credit cards allegedly used by the former monarch and several of his relatives Delgado opened the proceedings on October 29 which suggests that the attorney general knew already then that information had been released abroad

The public note released by the body led by Dolores Delgado puts under suspicion the AntiCorruption Prosecutors Office in whose hands all the documentation of the case was until now

The decision to transfer the file to the Tax Inspection was made necessary according to the Attorney Generals Office after the report sent by the Chief AntiCorruption Prosecutor Alejandro Luzón and the identity of some of the points published with the content of Investigation Proceedings No 122019 of the Prosecutors Office against Corruption and Organized Crime those relating to the alleged use by the emeritus king of credit cards linked to current accounts that are not in his name

The initial purpose of the internal investigation is to verify the conditions of custody and access to the files With its result the proceeding will be agreed Likewise the facts have been communicated to the Data Protection Officer of the FGE for the appropriate purposes adds the Prosecutors Office

Delgado had known for months in writing and verbally of the new investigation involving Juan Carlos I but it has not been until now that the case has been sent to the Supreme Court

His predecessor in office María José Segarra who was in charge of the Attorney Generals Office when the proceedings on Juan Carlos I were opened the information reached both of them under article 25 of the Tax Statute which establishes that the prosecutors will inform the State Attorney General of the facts that due to their importance or significance should be known

One of the reports sent to Delgado included the request for an extension to continue investigating the case requested by AntiCorruption to avoid the maximum period for this type of procedure That extension according to tax sources was granted

The reports sent to Delgado according to tax sources provided very brief information different from that published by elDiarioes which includes some details that do not appear in the AntiCorruption investigation

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