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Fire spreading enormously In Cape Town's Table Mountain National Park - Highland County Press

Fire spreading enormously In Cape Town’s Table Mountain National Park

South African officials said Sunday that an “uncontrollable” fire in Cape Town’s Table Mountain National Park was burning, damaging buildings, and prompting mountaineers to evacuate the city’s most famous landmark, South African officials said Sunday.

Cape Town Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman Carlisle told that two firefighters were hospitalized with injuries and that nine structures had been destroyed.

About 200 firefighters have been dispatched to fight the blaze, Carrels said, adding that they will keep the fire under control overnight and work on the fire line.

According to a tweet from an account related to the park, four helicopters were also deployed to assist in the effort.

According to a tweet from South Africa’s National Park Table Mountain, the fire “created its own wind which increased the spread rate, making it impossible to reduce the rate of spread of smoke excessive fog and related update aircraft support,” a tweet from South Africa’s National Park Table Mountain According to the National Parks Account.

The statement said the Rhodes Memorial restaurant had burned down and “the fire also spread to the upper pages of the upper campus of the University of Cape Town.”

Carlos told that six buildings near Woolsac Drive, including three structures at Mostert’s Mill and the University of Cape Town, were destroyed.

According to Carles, a historic Windmill Mostert’s Mill near the University of Cape Town, built around 1796, was also severely damaged in the fire.

A woman in the park said she was “trying to outrun fire” in a video posted on Twitter, which showed a portion of the smoke in the background. In a tweet later, Lisette Lombard said she was safe but her car was “destroyed.”

“I have never felt a fire that spread so unexpectedly fast. I have so much respect for our fire department,” she added.

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