Coronavirus condition in India is dire: thousands of people are joining the death march

Gas and firewood furnaces at crematoriums in the western Indian state of Gujarat have been running uninterrupted for so long during the COVID-19 epidemic that metal parts have begun to melt.

Kamlesh Navik, president of the trust that runs the crematorium in the city of Hero-Polishing City Surat, told Reuters news agency that they are working around the clock at 100 percent capacity to cremate bodies on time.

And already a clever health system has a full hospital and limited resources of oxygen and medicine, according to crematorium and cemetery staff, the media and the media report several more burials and burials under the coronavirus protocol than the official CVID-19. Review of official data

Several large cities are reporting far more cremations and burials than official deaths under the Carnavirus protocol.

India’s daily COVID-19 cases fell behind record levels on Tuesday but for the sixth straight day, it stood above 200,000, with 259,170 cases in the last 24 hours. The death toll rose to a record 1,76,111, according to the health ministry.

Officially, about 180,000 Indians have died from the coronavirus this month, 15,000 of them this month, although some believe the actual number could be higher.

Indian social media and newspaper reports have seen rows and rows of horrific images of scorching piracy and the inability to cope in crematoriums.

In the western states of Gujarat, Surat, Rajkot, Jamnagar, and Ahmedabad, many crematoriums operate around the clock with three to four times more corpses.

In Surat Hira, the second-largest city in Gujarat, a second crematorium, known as the Kurukshetra crematorium for sailors, and a second crematorium is known as Umra, cremated more than 100 bodies in a single day last week under the CVD-19 protocol. The death toll is about 25, according to more workers interviewed than the city’s official daily coronavirus.

Prashant Kabrawala, the trustee of the Narayan Trust, which runs Ashwini Kumar’s third city crematorium, refused to provide the number of bodies recovered under the virus protocol but said the crematorium there had tripled in recent weeks.

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