Queensland looks forward to the federal government’s commitment to Olympics funding

With the Australian government has less than a week to raise significant funding for Brisbane’s Olympic bid, it put a question mark over plans to attract world events.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says “satisfied” that Australia can host the 2032 Olympics and Paralympic Games the International Olympic Committee set a deadline for Monday and the state needs the firm commitment of the federal government to move forward now.

“A crucial timeline for Queensland’s Olympic bid is coming to an end,” Ms. Palaskzuk said.

We have always said that these games will depend on the local three levels of government: local, federal, and state.

“Queensland can’t do it alone.”

The Premier said she had asked Prime Minister Scott Morrison for an equal funding agreement for the Commonwealth Games, but he had not yet responded.

She said that “Those games were a 50/50 partnership,”.

These games should be the same. “

Federal Sports Minister Richard Colbeck says the Commonwealth has remained a strong supporter of the Queensland government’s bid for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Senator Colbeck said that “Queensland and Commonwealth officials are working hard to ensure that the bid team can meet the requirements of the IOC’s guarantees to secure the 2032 Games,”.

“In the state cabinet on Monday, the Queensland government decided to go ahead as planned before, instead of building a new stadium a major redevelopment of Gabba for the games.

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with the Queensland government and have seen no details of this redevelopment proposal since Monday’s decision.”

Ms. Palaszczuk said she had attended more than a dozen meetings with representatives of the federal government, including detailed discussions on the Games plan.

She said more than 80 percent of Queensland’s space already existed, reduced the cost of running the games and the proposed improved infrastructure was already needed.

She added that the 2032 Games already has only quick-tracked plans in the works.

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