Electoral Campaign Is Going Towards 6-D Began

The rhythm of the gaita Venezuela Alza la Voz the gaita that Omar Acedo and Chucho gave to the president Nicolás Maduro this Tuesday began the electoral campaign in the spaces of Plaza Diego Ibarra in the center of Caracas

The candidates of the Great Patriotic Pole GPP Simón Bolívar were present in the place along with their militants to start the electoral party
In the square the candidates were presented one by one while a large crowd that was present chanted slogans alluding to the electoral campaign to demonstrate their support for the Revolution

Support and expressions of affection were felt in the spaces recovered by the Revolution while the mayor of Caracas Erika Farias welcomed the candidates from Caracas

Farias highlighted the revolutionary commitment that must be demonstrated from this Tuesday Today we begin the campaign we are waging and this strategic victory on December 6 that we are going to obtain with the candidates of the Homeland she said in the midst of the crowd that celebrated with her candidates the arrival of the 25th election the revolutionary process

She stressed that the candidates of the Bolivarian Revolution are the candidates of life and peace who are committed to rescuing the National Assembly and returning peace to the people

She stressed that the revolutionary forces have made a commitment to the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro and the people of Venezuela to consolidate a great victory as they have asked us a revolutionary victory she said summoning the crowd

In the same way and with the background song ¡Chávez Corazón del Pueblo Pedro Infante electoral candidate for circuit 1 explained that the youth have contributed ideas to the struggle that is ahead and that will take place from the new National Assembly

«We are going to rescue all the spaces that Julio Borges Juan Guaidó and Henry Ramos Allup tried to destroy They will not be able to fight the revolutionary battle because we are determined to defend the people she said

«Now 33 days separate us to legislate in the AN continuing in the fight for the rights of the Venezuelan people and this is a people that has been campaigning for independence for 500 years Today we have 22 years of struggle and social demand We have 5 years of struggle for dignity she said

In the same way the candidate Carmen Zerpa congratulated the men and women who continue to fight against the sieges of the North American empire We are loyal to Chávez and to our President Nicolás Maduro she said

«Today we are demonstrating the patriotic strength and the destiny of the gringos We will arrive at the AN in January to tell the world that there is still a fierce Venezuelan people said Juan Carlos Alemán also candidate

Similarly Major General Benvides Torres explained that today the countdown begins for the opposition to leave the AN «A historic moment is patiently waiting for the Venezuelan people who will show that Venezuela respects itself Bolivia and Chile gave a message to the world and above all to the empires now it is Venezuelas turn to give theirs we are a worthy people and we will win she snapped

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