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Susana Gimenez Has Sent A Message Of Encouragement To Diego Maradona - Highland County Press

Susana Gimenez Has Sent A Message Of Encouragement To Diego Maradona

They were friends very friends Of the best But later Diego Maradona got angry with Susana Giménez And he even took her to court for disobedience The reason That she had interviewed two of her exwives Verónica Ojeda and Claudia Villafañe on her program something that in her private world is considered a true betrayal

The truth is that despite the outbursts that the Ten has had towards her in her moments of greatest effervescence the diva never had unfortunate words towards him Moreover although he did not have the pleasure of canceling the notes with those who had been his partners he always tried to minimize Diegos attacks

Maradona has changed enormously He was a barbarian guy good friend funny and nothing of that was left I think he couldnt stand being the most famous guy on Earth he had said three years ago trying to justify his attitude

But this Tuesday as soon as the news of Diegos hospitalization was known and it was learned that at night he would be operated on for a subdural hematoma on his head at the Olivos Clinic the diva went to his Instagram account to write a message that he accompanied with a photo of happy times in which the star was signing the Argentine shirt

Force Diego you can wrote the diva next to the image which quickly garnered thousands of likes And obviously many of her followers highlighted her attitude worrying about the idols health no matter how many times he referred to her in a derogatory way

In December 2017 six months after Villafañe visited Susanas program Maradona managed to get the prosecutor María Paula Hertring to charge them both with the crime of disobedience since at the time he had obtained a precautionary statement signed by Judge Mariano Sohaner so that they would refrain from referring to his person

They laughed in the face of a judge who forbade them to talk about Diego Maradona but that is not the worst

The most serious thing is that it is the second time because with Dieguito Fernando he did exactly the same and he shitted in the Justice the former footballer had said about Susana also referring to the visit that Ojeda had made to his program with her youngest son in October 2016

And he continued So what do we do Justice or a comedy show Im sorry because there will be many who will like Susana Giménez but I like Justice more than Susana Giménez and Claudia Villafañe If I ever failed justice I paid Thats why I want them to pay as well as I paid

It should be remembered that the great distance between the diva and Maradona took place in 2013 when Ojeda visited Giménezs program for the first time but due to a measure filed by Diego he could not show his son on camera

Since then although there were some attempts at reconciliation the relationship did not return to what it was in those years when the two seemed inseparable and did not stop laughing every time they were together

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