Nostalgia for Ximena Sarinana You’re going to Launch

The singer published on her social networks the news of her new single In his Official Instagram Account he published a series of behind the scenes photos of the official video clip of his new single

Video for Nostalgia Thanks to Ivan Grajeda and Friday media for the beautiful collaboration but above all to all the fans who sent material and gave me a little of what makes them nostalgic There was a video that brings out a tear I miss you and love you This publication exceeded 15 thousand likes

The video was very successful it is fully animated Ximena Sariñana ¡Animada and some photos of Ximena living together in some memories as a family singing and Ximena is also combined with animated backgrounds It also involved videos of some of his followers which for them is nostalgia

Scenes of Ximena playing instruments were included she excitedly singing along with her production Real A video that leaves you speechless

The original idea and direction of this video was carried out by Iván Grajeda and the Illustration and animation were carried out by Victor Sealtiel

I dedicate it to my sister Great Video Great team Great artist Congratulations to everyone for this incredible job Proud of Ivan and Friday Congratulations.

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