Gianluca Vacchi Next Family Guy To Reach Followers

This handsome man is a musician, he has songs that express his essence. In his official Instagram account you can see the vibe of this character, @gianlucavacchi literal.

Some of Vacchi’s songs are Trump-It in 2018, Wind of 2017, Let’s Dance, a song that premiered last 2018, Subelo y Bájalo 2019, LOVE, 2018, Move that was released in 2019 among many other songs.

The singer seemed to be a not easy target to hunt, no woman had managed to make him fall into their nets and their love charms but the reality is that every man gets the right one and Ginaluca got it.

Her current partner is Sharon Fonseca, a well-known model and now pregnant with her tycoon husband.

In social networks you can see the happy couple with millions of photos constantly showing off their love and Sharon’s pregnancy and her quarantine has literally been to travel on her yacht and for the beautiful model to keep the rest that corresponds to her in a very funny way .

Despite the fact that Gianluca is 53 years old, he does not stop having fun and being a young soul as he frequently uploads tiktoks, and reels with his wife, doing incredible dances showing the pregnancy.

In fact, a few weeks ago the couple invited Anitta to Gianlucca’s yacht, to spend some time with them and obviously they did not hesitate to do tiktok dances and have fun together with other people in the heat of the sun at sea, however, people did not take long in making comments to Sharon that she should be careful with Anitta, that that was not respect for a couple.

However Anitta uploaded a photo where she kissed Sharon’s belly, and had fun with the couple giving her place to Gianlucca’s wife … Clearly that there is a great friendship between those already mentioned.

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