Paula Van Hissenhoven shows us her Side A in 360 Degree

Paula Van Hissenhoven is a new singer who has left more than one with their mouths open. The singer not only focuses her passion for the voice in her life but is also a psychologist and pianist for Aterciopelados. Today we will talk to you about a 360 degree change that his life has given by following his dreams.

Paula Van Hissenhoven is currently one of the most prominent artists in Colombia, being first part of tours and bands and now as a soloist she has given us new material that we are sure you will love.

Her first album is titled, , this first album by Paula Van Hissenhoven contains 8 songs that will leave you amazed.

Invisible Walls
It’s better this way
Turn back
Who I am

Of all his singles, the ones that have had the highest number of reproductions on Spotify have been, “Who I am” with more than 51 thousand 172 reproductions and tops the list, “Barcelona” with 55 thousand 778 reproductions.

Despite the number of reproductions, the single that is also part of this album, “Jetlag” was one of the most publicized and most recommended singles on YouTube.

Jetlag on Spotify has almost 9 thousand reproductions, this single was released on April 25 of this year and on YouTube it has more than 1000 reproductions. It’s that if you really listen to the song it gives you peace, you feel like in a movie!

Don’t you believe us? Put on your headphones, put Jetlag on Play, and you’ll feel like you’re in a movie.

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