Aretha Franklin The Queen of Soul in R&B

Actually, she was not only the queen of soul, since Aretha Franklin also sang other genres such as R&B and Gospel, and she was nicknamed the Queen of Soul or Lady Soul, Queen of Soul.

Because she was one of the most influential singers of this genre and contemporary music in general, it was wonderful and that is why today we want to remember it.

The singer was born on March 25, 1942 and gave all her audience excellent music with albums such as “Amazing Grace”, “I Never Loved a Man”, “Jump to it”, “Young, Gifted and Black”, among much others.

In fact, this great talent and this jewel that the world gave us, in the music industry ran in the family, Aretha Franklin’s talent ran in the family since her father was known as “The million dollar voice.” You know that?

Aretha Franklin managed to sell more than 75 million records around the world and became very close to many artists doing duets with many of them. In fact, one of her many collaborations is Adele’s. In 2008, Aretha Franklin recorded a version with Adele of her song, Rolling in the Deep. With just this song, Aretha finally managed to position herself once again, on the Hot Songs chart being the 100th song on that list, and not only the song, but also being the first female singer to achieve this.

Aretha used the fame that was created with many years of effort and with great talent, to carry out movements for racial rights in the United States, so much so that Aretha Franklin became too influential within the racial movement and the issue of women’s liberation! Aretha was also a great heroine who moved whole heads for justice and freedom.

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