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Samira Vivette Writes About Femininity and Double Standards In Her Poetry Collection: Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts

samira vivette pastel dreams and glittered hearts

The debut poetry collection by Australian author and poet, Samira Vivette, addresses a substantial range of topics across many different themes. The book is a pastel pink color and explores many deep issues – one particular chapter, however, includes poetry and prose about femininity and the ideals of confidence in today’s world, especially societal double standards which exist among women. The chapter is called ‘Mirror Sparkles and Cherry Red Lips’ and there are many pieces of prose that uplift and empower women found within the pages:

“The lessons which echo from a million throats

Teach a generation of young women

That the mirror is their enemy

And other women are their competition.

Such destructive principles have weakened

The ideals of self-confidence

And broken the chain of unity.

The mirror should not be your enemy

If you can learn to widen the scope of beauty,

And your fellow woman

Was never your competition to begin with.”

The author questions and probes into the way women feel about themselves in a world where they are often compared with one another and made to live up to impossible standards. The words in this chapter focus on self-love, healing, unity, and power, bringing together feelings of strength and empowerment for readers and a new perspective on feminine confidence.

The book Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts by Samira Vivette is available in paperback and kindle editions from Amazon and major bookstores worldwide. You can also find out more about her at her website.

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