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BRANDed: Social Media Marketing Revolutionized

Social Media Marketing has definitely pushed it’s way into the top ways to market your business. With online marketing, specialized marketing agencies take on the time consuming responsibility of posting and targeting your ads.

We discussed the art and science of Social Media Marketing with Joe, from BRANDed, who specializes in marketing businesses. We asked Joe what it takes to be successful in his field and what experience is needed. Joe stressed the importance of “scroll stopping” ads and the science behind targeting paid ads. Joe has a background in running political campaigns, so he’s very familiar with specialized targeted audiences, saving ad costs while being effective.

Branded – Social Media Marketing from Daniel Jarrett on Vimeo.

BRANDed carries a variety of clients, in every field – with years of experience. Joe also stated the importance of quality images and creative wording, with search words built in. Some clients have logos that need some pop, on order to be attractive enough to catch the attention of potential customers. Joe says the ability to get instant results is a combination of different aspects, including monitoring the statistical aspect of an active ad and being able to adjust as needed. In other words, adapt for the best results and you save money while reaching more customers.

We asked Joe what his best success story is, here is his favourite accomplishment:

“One of my clients is a quality fast food service, serving the freshest Mexican food in town. They had a horrible logo, menu and not many people knew they existed. Once I took over, their menu was redone, along with their logo. I then made quality videos, static ads and for 23 dollars, I targeted their audience. 2 days later, my client asked me to slow down, as he needed to hire more people to keep up with increased sales. So, for his investment in BRANDed, he has now put himself on the map and gained a loyal consistent, but growing customer base”

Joe says this is still his favorite client and he’s excited to see the continued growth and upcoming expansion.

You can find more information on BRANDed’s website or on Facebook

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