Author Robin Savage writes exciting new Children’s Book: Reaching For the Cars

Robin Savage has always had a deep burning desire to write a Children’s Story book. Reaching For the Cars is an impressive first read from her. She is excited to get cracking on writing many more.

Robin Savage is a Children’s book Author. She comes from New England. Robin hase been writing most of her life but took a break because of work.

Due to the pandemic she realised she has more time for indulging in her true passion. That passion is writing Children’s Books.

Robin Savage started a career in writing children’s books to help young people be more self reliant and not be afraid to follow their dreams. Her new book, “Reaching for The Cars” teaches exactly that. It helps encourage Children to be all they dream and desire to be.

This is Robin’s first book. Although it is her first she desires to write many.

I am excited about this book because it’s different! You will see.

Author, Robin Savage

You can find the book on Amazon Kindle, Reaching for The cars.

 I am hoping Reaching For The Cars will inspire young women to follow their dreams and not be afraid to work in the auto industry.

Author, Robin Savage

Because Robin works in the Automotive industry, perhaps this is the reason that Reaching for The Cars comes across as so sincere and excitintg. It’s a story about a young girl who wanted to chase and follow her dreams, as unheard of, or discouraging they socially may seem.

In the future will we see more women working in the Automotive industry as a result of Robin’s writing? Time will tell.

Robin has the young readers really believing in themselves and all the kids have smiles on their faces upon completion of reading the book.

From first sentence, to last sentence, Reaching for The Cars is a magnificent first effort for a children’s short story book.

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