Henry Colin Wright, upcoming teenager musician talks about writing emotional music during UK lockdown

Henry Colin Wright talks about how his emotions help him write his music 17 year old Henry Colin Wright is a UK based musical artist from the uk. He is well known for writing songs with highly emotional lyrics whether they’re happy or sad, but is this because of how Henry’s feeling at the time of writing the song.

Is it the past experiences that Henry has had himself or does he quite simply just want the lyrics to be relatable to his listeners?

To find out the answer to these questions we talked to Henry about his music and how he writes lyrics and how they relate to his emotions, feelings and general life.

Let’s get into it !

So then Henry what inspires you to write the lyrics that we Here in your songs ?

Henry Colin Wright: To be honest I take a bit of inspiration from every part of my life and other people’s, I want the lyrics to be as relatable as possible and have good play back value so that people want to listen to the song again and again. I do generally tend to come up with the topic of the song just by the mood I’m in at the time i start writing it, a good example of this is when I wrote my song lonely inside, at the time I was in lockdown and missing all of my friends and family members that I couldn’t see so to help me cope with my emotions I wrote a song about how I was feeling and put it out there for the world to here.

I thought by doing that it would make me feel as if I was expressing myself more and helping other people going through the same thing as I was. So I would say that i definitely take a huge inspiration from my own emotions and that they really helps me write my music.

How do you know when it’s time to start writing, do you have a schedule or is it just when you’re emotions are running high?

Henry Colin Wright: I wouldn’t really say I have a set schedule as such, at the end of the day writing songs for me is a passion and a way of expressing myself so I just write down my feelings as and when I get them, and then when I have enough I put them together and come up with a hook that I feel has a good catch to it then put everything together to make the song.

Do you’re songs reflect events that have happened in your life ?

Henry Colin Wright: Not so much, but I would say that generally when I’ve written a happy song I tend to listen to it and it takes me back to a lot of happy memories and good times. But with my sad songs I only really listen to them when I’m going through a difficult time in the present.

Henry Colin Wright

When will you’re next song be coming out ?

Henry Colin Wright: Very soon, I’m expecting to release another upbeat motivational type of song around mid February time this year. I’m not to sure on the name of it yet but I’ve already put a lot of work into it so hopefully it will go down well with everyone.

Keep up with Henry at his Youtube Channel

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