Podcast: Drought threatens iconic plants. Lawns, watch out

Today, in Episode 3 of Drought Week, we take a journey through the American Southwest to Las Vegas, down to Arizona’s Sonoran Desert and through California’s Mojave Desert. We speak to a social scientist, a folklorist and a politician about their efforts to understand the plants and animals affected by this historic drought. We’ll focus on three iconic plants: Joshua trees. Saguaro cactuses. And, well, lawn grass.

After that, pistol shooter Alexis Lagan describes the discipline of her sport and how she came to represent the United States at the Tokyo Olympics.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: Nevada state Assemblymember Howard Watts III, University of Arizona anthropologist Maribel Alvarez, University of Arizona research social scientist David Yetman, L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez and pistol shooter Alexis Lagan

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