3 most popular Ghost Pokemon in Hoenn

Ghost-type Pokemon are incredibly unique, powerful, creepy, and a ton of other adjectives.

The mystery surrounding Ghost-type Pokemon has made it one of the favorite types in the entire series. The likes of the Gengar evolutionary line and those that followed ensured its popularity.

In the Hoenn region, a handful of new Ghost-type Pokemon were introduced while several fan favorites were missing. A new Generation of the series meant a new generation of Ghosts for fans to adore.

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3 most popular Ghost Pokemon in Hoenn

#3 – Shedinja

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Shedinja is a strange Bug/Ghost-type Pokemon. It has horrible stats but a solid 90 base Attack. The only way to obtain one is to evolve a Nincada with an empty slot in the party.

Its amazing ability, Wonder Guard, prevents it from being damaged by anything other than supereffective attacks. Those would be Flying, Rock, Ghost, Fire, and Dark. All of that weirdness made fans take a liking to it.

#2 – Dusclops

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Dusclops is an extremely defensive Ghost-type Pokemon from the Hoenn region. Both its Special Defense and Defense have a base of 130. Only being weak to Ghost and Dark-type attacks sets it up for success nicely.

In a Trick Room setting, Dusclops’ low Speed stat reverses and makes it very fast. Even today, players love using that in their competitive teams. Dusclops was a change of pace in terms of Ghost-types and became very popular.

#1 – Sableye

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Sableye is one of the most popular Ghost-type Pokemon, not just of those from the Hoenn region. Before Prankster was added to the series, Sableye still had some solid abilities that prevented accuracy loss or made it move last in the turn.

While its stats aren’t great, they are pretty balanced. As a Ghost/Dark-type, it is currently only weak to Fairy. That means, in Generation III, it had no weaknesses. Sableye’s ability to annoy opponents had fans fall in love with more than just the bright gems in its eyes.

Published 23 Apr 2021, 00:01 IST

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