”Is Aalyah coming to TV?” – Why former champion messaged Dominik asking about Aalyah Mysterio

Former tag team champion Murphy recalled the time he came back after quarantining and WWE had nixed plans for him and Aalyah Mysterio. Murphy was involved in an angle on SmackDown last year where he got romantically involved with Rey Mysterio’s daughter Aalyah Mysterio on-screen. However, the angle was dropped mid-way.

Murphy had served as Seth Rollins’ disciple for most of 2020 but turned on The Messiah and joined forces with The Mysterios after Aalyah entered the fray. What initially looked like a big push for Murphy turned out to be a dud, with WWE abruptly dropping plans for Murphy and Aalyah.

Speaking to Fightful, Murphy talked about how he was kept in the dark regarding his plans and had to text Dominik Mysterio to inquire about Aalyah Mysterio. Murphy was set to be part of The Mysterios’ feud with Baron Corbin, Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake. However, after Cutler and Blake were let go, WWE had no plans for Aalyah or Murphy either:

Rey and Dominik are doing stuff and I’m like, ‘what’s going on?’ Aalyah is not there. ‘Do they need me?’ I’m messaging Dominik like, ‘Is Aalyah coming to TV?’ There was no communication. She was asking her dad, I’m asking Dom and Rey. We had no idea. The dirt sheets said they had dropped the angle. How do the dirt sheets know before I do? I’m trying to track down Bruce [Prichard]. I track him down and I’m like, ‘what’s going on?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, we dropped it,” said Murphy.

What happened to Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy’s angle?

It came as a surprise to fans that WWE decided to drop an angle that had become so talked about. Aalyah Mysterio was not used as a regular on-screen character, whereas Murphy was used sporadically before WWE released him a few weeks back.

Murphy has had some stellar matches with top names like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Aleister Black, so it came as a major disappointment when WWE decided to let him go.

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