Triple H reveals WWE has fired a person for disrespecting Mickie James and released stars

Triple H took to Twitter to confirm that a person from the WWE has been fired for disrespecting recently released talent. The Game, however, didn’t disclose the person’s identity.

Triple H and other WWE officials learned about the disrespectful treatment of some of the released stars, and the company follows a zero-tolerance policy in such situations.

Here’s what Triple H revealed in the tweet:

“Upon learning of the disrespectful treatment some of our recently released talent received on behalf of the company, we took immediate action. The person responsible for this inconsiderate action has been fired and is no longer with @WWE.”

Stephanie McMahon apologizes to Mickie James on behalf of the WWE

While Triple H didn’t outright reveal the full scope of the story, the latest WWE departure comes on the heels of Mickie James‘ surprising social media post.

The five-time WWE Women’s Champion was one of the ten wrestlers released by WWE on April 15th, 2021. James revealed earlier in the day that she received a ‘care package’ from WWE, and the goodies astonishingly arrived in a black trash bag.

“Dear @VinceMcMahon Im not sure if you’re aware, I did receive my @WWE care package today. Thank you. #AlwaysBlessedandGrateful #WomensWrestlingMatters Kiss mark,” said Mickie James.

Fans and pundits were quick to point out the ill-mannered gesture from the company.

Stephanie McMahon would also release a tweet and issue an apology to James.

“@MickieJames I am embarrassed you or anyone else would be treated this way. I apologize personally and on behalf of @WWE . The person responsible is no longer with our company,” said Stephanie McMahon.

Former WWE star Gail Kim, who has always been a vocal critic of WWE’s practices, also reacted to Mickie James’ post.

Kim was glad that Triple H and the WWE took action, but she added that similar incidents have been happening in the promotion for a very long time.

“Well I’m glad Hunter took initiative, but it’s been happening since before I was there. Is it always the same person? At least they did something I suppose,” said Gail Kim.

We presently have no details on who was responsible for the entire ordeal, but we should get all the details soon. Stay tuned.

Published 23 Apr 2021, 06:27 IST

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