John Cena believes WWE Thunderdome has “brought the best out in people,” praises current champion

John Cena can’t wait for fans to return to WWE shows. However, the Cenation Leader believes empty surroundings have helped some stars shine.

Cena recently sat down with Graham Matthews of Bleacher Report to promote the reboot of Wipeout, which he’s co-hosting alongside comedian Nicole Byer.

Speaking to Bleacher Report, Cena explained how performers haven’t been able to use fan reactions as a “blindfold” inside the WWE Thunderdome. He believes that, in turn, it has resulted in some of the company’s superstars’ finest work.

“Sometimes performers can go out there and falsely hear the noise,” Cena said. “They hear a few people cheer and think it’s fantastic. Now, they have to be in the product. They have to see their results and can’t use that as a blindfold. It’s actually brought the best out in people. I can’t wait for people to return to arenas, but I think this spell has been good for a lot of the performers because they have to overcome that obstacle of finding out who they really are and that alone takes the performers to their success or failure.”

It’s hard to argue with John Cena’s thoughts on how the WWE Thunderdome has improved some of the company’s current pool of talent. Interestingly, Cena pinpointed one particular member of the roster for praise.

John Cena heaps praise on Roman Reigns

John Cena name-dropped current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns during his conversation with Graham Matthews. Cena praised how distinguished Reigns has become during the “Pandemic Era”.

Reigns returned at SummerSlam 2020 and quickly became a monstrous heel in his Tribal Chief moniker. A surprise alliance with Paul Heyman solidified his move to the dark side, and shortly after, he became WWE Universal Champion.

John Cena added that having no crowd would’ve been the most arduous task for him in times like these. However, he reiterated that it has brought the best out of people.

“I’m very, very impressed with Roman [Reigns] among other people on the WWE roster with how great they’ve become,” Cena said. “I honestly think it may be because there’s no live audience. This would be the toughest obstacle for me to overcome, but I really think it’s brought the best out in people because they’ve had to redefine themselves and they can’t feed off the energy of the audience on their performance. It’s just them out there.”

Do you agree with John Cena’s take? Has the absence of fans brought the best out of some WWE Superstars? If so, who do you think the circumstances have benefitted? Let us know in the comments section below.

Published 23 Apr 2021, 05:53 IST

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