Mobalytics and LCS are teaming up to develop a better League of Legends amateur ecosystem

Mobalytics has often been hailed as one of the best “personal gaming companion and analytics performance platforms” by many League of Legends players.

Their champion guides and build strategies have been incredibly helpful for newer League of Legends players and those who want to learn a new champion.

Mobalytics will now be collaborating with the League of Legends LCS to create a more updated and wholesome amateur scene.

The collaboration will look to develop North America’s amateur talent and help the grassroots levels of the region expand in a more well-designed and supportive structure.

League of Legends NA sees a great disparity between the professional and the amateur solo queue scene. This is one of the major reasons why most esports teams in the region look to bring in foreign imports rather than pick amateurs from the local scene.

Mobalytics’ collaboration with the LCS will look to minimize this disparity and close the gap between the professionals and top-tier solo queue players as much as possible.

Mobalytics partners with the League of Legends LCS

The North American League of Legends amateur scene will get a significant boost to its popularity with Mobalytics’ esports expansion with the LCS.

Its structure will mirror the NBA G League and the MLB’s farm system, which promotes college as well as high school scouting.

Matt Nausha, head of amateur and scholastic for League of Legends LCS America, commented on the partnership, saying:

“I’m excited about the LCS’ commitment to the amateur scene, and working with so many passionate players, staff, teams, and organizations have been invigorating. As we move forward we’ll continue to assess how we can better our processes and further the league’s development.”

With this new initiative, the North American LCS appears to be heading into some exciting times as the future of the region looks very bright.

Published 23 Apr 2021, 12:11 IST

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