PUBG Mobile: PMPL Season 3 MY/SG finals day 1 overall standings

Day 1 of the third season of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 3 Malaysia/Singapore concluded with Geek Fam Malaysia leading the overall charts. The three-day PMPL finals will consist of a total of eighteen matches and will conclude on 25 April.

At the end of Day 1, Geek Fam is leading the points table with 29 kills and 83 points, followed by Home Bois with 38 kills and 83 points. J8 grabbed the third spot with 69 points. Fan-favorite Team Secret and Yoodo Gank had an ordinary day and finished in the seventh and fourteenth spot respectively. The league stage winners had a horrendous day as they finished in last place.

PMPL MY/SG Season 3 Finals Day 1 standing

PMPL Season 3 MY SG Finals day 1 overall standings
PMPL Season 3 MY SG Finals day 1 overall standings

The day started with the first match being played on Sanhok. This match was claimed by Geek Fam with nine kills. Following them in second place was Anti-Circle with just two kills. Geek DamRude was the MVP of the first match with three kills.

PMPL Season 3 MY SG Finals day 1 Overall standings
PMPL Season 3 MY SG Finals day 1 Overall standings

Anti-Circle emerged victorious in the second match, played on Erangel, with 10 kills. Home Bois secured second place with nine kills.

Geek Fam again clinched the third match, played on Miramar, with eight kills, followed by Damansara Flash Vision with seven kills. Team SMG secured third place in the match.

J8 claimed the fourth match, played on Sanhok, with a whopping 19 kills, as Mail bagged the MVP title with seven kills. Home Bois came in second place with five kills.

The fifth match on Miramar was once again won by Geek Fam with nine kills. Iphone Wanted Lx secured second place with four kills, followed by Home Bois with six kills.

The sixth and final match of the day was won by RSG with 11 kills, while Home Bois again secured second place with 11 frags. Team Secret although were eliminated early but managed to grab 11 kills.

Top Fraggers from PMPL fInals day 1

1. HB Noaki- 12 kills

2. AC Sniper Man- 12 kills

3. J8 Zully- 12

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Published 24 Apr 2021, 00:05 IST

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